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The thought of paying out for a brand new instrument that you or your child may not take to or continue with is daunting. Although you may be convinced that it is exactly what you/they want to do, it would be worth considering the various rental schemes available on instruments.

Many music shops offer the option of a three or four month rental of an instrument, at a small cost, which will then be deducted from the total payment if you choose to keep the instrument. Alternatively, if you have found that it does not suit, you simply hand back the rental.

Below are a list of prices reviewed May 2011 for both renting and buying of Clarinets...
Perfect Pitch - CheshamPurchase Price    Prozone - CheshamPurchase Price
Windcraft Series 1 Bb Clarinet£169
Buffet B12 Bb Clarinet£350Buffet B12 Bb Clarinet£349
Yamaha YCL250 Bb Clarinet£350Yamaha YCL250 Bb Clarinet£384.82

Perfect Pitch does not currently run a rental scheme on these instruments.

Prozone does offer a hire scheme - in which payments are made every 3 months. The minimum hire term is 3 months. After the initial 3 month period, there is an option to buy. 50% of any hire payments made can be redeemed against the purchase of the instrument. If you received a new instrument at the original point of hiring, you would retain this instrument. If you received an instrument from hire stock, the instrument can be swapped for a new instrument should you wish.

You are also able to redeem the 50% of your rental payments against any uprgaded instrument to that originally hired. Rental - Clarinet - £15pcm

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