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Buying a Piano is a big investment - and so I recommend that you have a look through such sites as www.pianos.co.uk and www.concertpitchpiano.com for advice.

Waldstein Upright Piano 108 D1 - £1,599 from www.pianosuk.co.uk

Steinmayer S99 Mark2 Upright Piano - £1,495 from www.pianoplus.co.uk

Yamaha C110A Upright Piano - £1,599 from www.pianoplus.co.uk

Most affordable of all Yamaha uprights, the C110A delivers acclaimed Yamaha touch, tone, beauty and durability - a delight for beginners and home pianists.

Hermann 110 Upright Piano - £1,600 from www.pianoplus.co.uk

For the piano player whose living space is restricted the compact 110 piano has powerful tone.

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