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There are a variety of theories as to how Adolphe Sax invented the saxophone, but no reliable records survive. Three possibilities are: (1) that the saxophone was searching for an octave clarinet, (2) that he simply tried a clarinet mouthpiece on an ophicleide, or (3) that he tried a single reed mouthpiece on some sort of bassoon. The first recorded public appearance of the saxophone was in 1841 at the Brussell’s Exhibition.

The key system of this instrument is close to the standard model of the flute, oboe, and most obviously the clarinet.

Although the adoption of the saxophone as an orchestral instrument never really took off, its use in military bands and later jazz and blues bands grew rapidly.

Models of the saxophone include the Soprano in Bb, the Alto in Eb (most recommended for those just beginning), the Tenor in Bb and the Baritone.

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